Improving your online reputation is our passion

The vast majority of people don’t just go online, they live online! They use the internet to find every type of business. We help protect and enhance your online presence, your hard-earned reputation, and make it easy for new customers to find your business!

We built our offerings from the ground up based on careful consideration of customer input

There are others that will help you with online ratings and reviews, but none provide the complete solution of RatingsMax. When we set out to create a strategy to help businesses with their online reputation we talked to hundreds of business owners from one location family-owned businesses to multi-national chain locations. We were determined to create a scalable set of tools and personalized service levels that would work well for all of them. We also discovered that business owners don’t have time to deal with what’s going on online. Further, these strategies are complex and require much more than a do-it-yourself tool to try to manage online reviews and social media.

We designed our offerings around the idea that there isn’t one size to fit all businesses, and that each business requires its own strategies. That’s why we offer distinct levels of service as well as many add-on features to fit not only any size business but to implement the most powerful strategies to accomplish the various goals of the system.

“RatingsMax works for any size business, from one location to multi-location chains”


Built on a solid mission and vision

Mission Statement

RatingsMax will aid establishments to excel beyond their expectations by managing, monitoring, and maximizing, their online reputation and reach; to help them recognize their relative reputation compared to their competitors; to engage their customers and drive growth through their current customers and obtaining new customers. We will provide the tools and the expert team to help our clients continually improve and grow to make a real difference to their customer base and and create lifelong fans.

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Vision Statement

To be the world’s most respected firm in guiding and assisting businesses small, medium, and large in creating fans of their customer base, which will in turn allow them grow and succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

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