Greek Restaurant Achieves #1 Slot on Google

RatingsMax combines powerful strategies with our unique review management system to bring client to the top.

At a Glance

Ouzo Cafe was seeing sluggish numbers of reviews being posted, a result of being in business for 10 years. Their star ratings and search results had also slipped lower than some competition. The goals were to:

  • Rise to near the top of Google results for key search phrases
  • Rise to near the top in Bing and Yahoo search
  • Rise in rank on review sites
  • Improve word-of-mouth
  • Improve customer engagement

  • Increase number and freshness of reviews
  • Increase quality of reviews
  • Respond to older reviews to create fresh activity and improve brand image
  • Share review content on social media to gain word of mouth
  • Transition to a mobile-friendly official website
  • SEO of official website

  • #1 in Google local search results for identified search phrases
  • #1 in Bing search results for identified search phrases
  • Moved up in every key review platform and app integration
  • Went from 3 1/2 stars to 4 stars average on both Google and Yelp
  • Increased web traffic to official site
  • Increased social media traffic, likes, follows and engagement
  • Dramatically increased mobile website traffic
  • Noticeable increase in business

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The Issue

Slipping down in rankings

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year, Ouzo Cafe has enjoyed a good online reputation for most of its existence. While like most restaurants of that tenure, they have seen a handful of negative reviews, for the most part they have stayed fairly well situated. Recently, however, they noticed that they were slipping to the bottom of the list for certain key search phrases in both search engines and review sites. They wanted to move closer to the top of rankings.

“Having been in the restaurant business pretty much my whole life, I know that a long-standing business has distinct challenges, namely keeping the business running strong without the advantage of being the newest, most talked about place.”

– Bill Pappas, Owner

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The RatingsMax Solution


When Ouzo partnered with RatingsMax we started the way we start with all our clients, by doing an expert assessment of where they stand in review sites and search engines. A survey of Ouzo Cafe’s google performance indicated that indeed they had experienced a decline in their ranking for important search phrases. Website and social visits were down and business itself was down.

Google is a hybrid platform. While it is the world’s most used search platform with the most app integrations, it is also a social media platform and a review platform. The activity in each of those three arms coalesces to dictate how Google will rank your business. There are many other factors that Google considers; activity on third-party review sites and directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor and CitySearch, for example, are heavily-weighted factors.

An examination of Google Adwords indicated that the most important search phrases for Ouzo center around “Greek restaurant” and variants of that phrase. The goal was to elevate Ouzo in Google’s search rank and see that result passed on to apps that integrate Google reviews such as Google Maps and others. Higher ranks in Yelp as well as new, fresh, positive reviews were secondary goals.

We also took a hard look at what we know is another very large component of performance on Google, the official business website. Ouzo’s site, while aesthetically beautiful, was woefully out of date and used very dated technologies. It was not viewable on mobile devices at all.

“Ouzo Cafe provides a lovely ambiance which is a nod to the deeply-held values of the Greek family. The food is fresh and flavorful. Tzatiki, garlic shrimp, lemon soup and traditional Greek salads play beautifully against the rich, flavorful meats in the kebabs and gyros.”
 – Google Review

Taking Action

Using RatingsMax proprietary methods, we began the work of getting more reviews, particularly on the Google and Yelp platforms, the ones most weighted by Google. Within a month we had four new reviews on each platform. While number of reviews is important, it’s equally important that reviews are fresh and of high quality.

Using our powerful portal, we responded to reviews, both positive and negative to generate customer engagement. We shared good reviews to social media to ignite conversations. We also created and shared some unique content on social media such as updated photos of the restaurant and its dishes.

We also got Ouzo set up with a new, mobile-friendly website and made sure that site was optimized for search.

While it’s great to see the email from our RatingsMax account rep indicating that we had risen to the top of Google results, the most satisfying thing is to see the results of that –  a noticeable uptick in business in the months that followed.

-Bill Pappas, Owner

The Results

Welcome to the top

  • Ouzo moved up to #1 in Google local search results for all variants of “Greek restaurant”
  • Ouzo moved up to #1 in Bing local search results for all variants of “Greek restaurant”
  • Ouzo moved up in rankings on Yelp and other review sites
  • Went from 3 1/2 stars to 4 stars average on both Google and Yelp
  • Positive word-of-mouth across social media
  • Increased social media likes, follows and engagement
  • Improved brand image through customer engagement
  • Noticeable increase in business

Continuous improvement

Knowing that maintaining this position requires ongoing work, Ouzo continues to be a RatingsMax client and has seen ongoing success in staying at the top of results across review sites, search engines and within apps.

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