Here’s how RatingsMax works

RatingsMax utilizes proven marketing strategies, digital expertise, and a team dedicated to producing real results.

Win New Customers


Over 90% of consumers use reviews to determine what business they will use. Your online reputation is vital because reviews are treated as personal recommendations.  RatingsMax utilizes 10 different strategies, customized for your business, to increase the number and quality of reviews for your business.

Search Results

Search is one of the key factors to driving new customers to your business.  90% of customers use search to find a business. The number and frequency of reviews have a direct impact on search results and where your business ranks. The more reviews you have and the more frequently reviews occur, the higher your business will rank in search results.  Better search results means more customers.

Sharing the positive and managing the negative

RatingsMax insures a timely and proactive response to reviews and feedback, engaging with customers, and encouraging new reviews.

RatingsMax shares your positive reviews across social media sites.  Besides spreading the good word, RatingsMax will address customer concerns with private feedback, so that they resolved prior to a public post on a review site.

Engaging with customers reviews and posts, lets your business manage the conversation and promote your business to potential customers.

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Increase Repeat Business

Your Current Customers are key to your growth

Many businesses do not have the time or ability to market and engage with their current customers. A 5% increase in repeat business can increase profits over 50%. Gaining new customers through advertising is expensive, but strategies to utilizing retention strategies to keep customers returning is a worthwhile investment.

Our account managers are experts in developing strategies – like customer loyalty programs and direct marketing to your current customer base – to encourage return visits and create advocates to spread the word about your business.

Engaged Customers equals more Business

The connection to social media creates consumer advocates for your business

Engaging your customer base is powerful. It is one of the most effective ways to market your business to your current customers. Creating engaging content. Sharing great reviews. Posting relative content. Responding and interacting with your customers on social media sites. Executing social media successfully can be time consuming and ever-changing. Our teams of experts will drive the results you are looking for – more customers through the door.

Save time – Leave online marketing to our expert team

We create strategies specifically for your business.

The value of RatingsMax lies in the combination of our expert Account Managers using our proprietary tools. The Account Managers at RatingsMax are skilled in determining and implementing the best strategies for your business. 

At the core of RatingMax is our Account Managers and Specialists working for your business.  These 10,000 hour types will become an extension of you.  Together you will determine goals, expectations, and benchmarks for success. You can focus on what you do best – running your business.  You’ll see the value that our experts can provide- increased customers and revenue.

The results

Maximized sales and profits!

Your online reputation across review sites and social media is improved. More and better reviews. Timely responses and engagement.  New customers finding you through better search results. More returning customers engaging and advocating for you. Learn how RatingsMax can take your sales and profits to the MAX.

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