Your best ambassadors are your loyal customers

Some of your best ambassadors are your loyal customers.

We’ll deliver more of them.

RatingsMax creates a customer loyalty program specifically for your business.  The system is built around getting you more direct referrals and positive reviews from your loyal customers. We keep your  customers  informed and engaged through email, newsletters, sms text, and reward programs, to keep you   top-of-mind.

“The best customers lead to not only repeat business, but valuable referrals and positive word-of-mouth.”


The power of loyalty

  • Loyal customers are your most powerful ambassadors – bringing you positive reviews and word-of-mouth
  • The best programs aren’t just monetary, they engage your customers emotionally
  • It costs 7-10 times as much to win a new customer than to retain a current one
  • Repeat customers spend on average 67% more than first-time buyers
  • More than two-thirds – 69% – say their shopping decisions are driven by where they can earn points
  • 5-10% increase in customer retention increases profits 25-100%

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