Get more, and better reviews

From current customers (and new ones)

Ratings and reviews are everywhere.  Most consumers use review sites like Yelp., Reviews get repurposed into apps like maps and google search. The number of reviews, average star rating and the freshness of reviews are components that influence customers buying decisions.

At the core of RatingsMax is a powerful review management system that gets you more reviews, and filters negative feedback to keep it from going public. We respond to reviews, and share positive review content to social media.

The majority of customers do not review businesses. We make it easy for gathering feedback and getting . you a more balanced voice-of-customer so that your true reputation shows.

Our review request methods

We get reviews from your customers using proven methods – Encouraging the 95% of customers who would not normally leave a review. We engage and request private feedback. If the feedback is positive we encourage the customer to leave a public review at the sites that are most important to your business. If the review is less than great you can resolve the matter in a number of ways.
We request feedback using emails that come interactions with your customers. If the feedback meets the criteria of a positive review we encourage the user to share that review to the public review sites most relevant to your brand. If the review is negative you have the opportunity to resolve the matter without it going public.
Point of Purchase (POP) is the perfect time to ask how a customer’s experience was. Our review cards make it easy for your customers to give you feedback. Review cads, table tents, window clings, or scripts for your employees – POP strategies get you more great reviews.
Adding a simple call to action to customer receipts requesting feedback encourages engagement with your customers and will lead to more positive reviews in public review sites.
A simple phone call from a RatingsMax rep gathers feedback from those who may not even have a review site account. These reviews can be posted on your website or used as testimonials.
We have simple widgets to add to your website which directs the customer to post feedback. We can also help if you don’t have a website.
The BEST way to get reviews for your business is by asking your best customers! Loyalty programs encourage return visits and turns customers into advocates. Building a Customer Loyalty program or integration with your current one will drive reviews. Don’t have a customer loyalty program? We can set you up with one!

“Dry cleaning is a business in which ratings can make or break you. RatingsMax put us well out in front of our competition”

Ted Sarandos – London Cleaners


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