Your service becomes the obvious choice

Whether you’re an attorney, doctor, dentist or accountant, one thing’s for sure, these days people find you online. Being at the top of search results in all the tools that consumers use to find you is key. Whether it’s review sites and apps, search engines, or social media, RatingsMax will get you to the top of rankings and work hard to keep you there. Our customer loyalty & retention programs get you not only more loyal customers but valuable referrals.

Best of all, RatingsMax is run by experts who know your business so that you won’t split your time between running your practice and trying to be a digital marketer.

More great reviews, sharing through social media, and rising to the top of search results means winning new customers.

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Engaging your customers through social media and customer loyalty/retention programs means more repeat business.

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Online marketing works better when performed by our experts. Use the time saved to focus on your increased business.

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The four pillars of RatingsMax

Explore the links below to take a deeper dive into how RatingsMax seamlessly works with ratings and reviews, search optimization, social media and customer loyalty to create a powerful, holistic digital marketing approach that will bring your service new and more loyal customers.

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How does it work?

Want to see how RatingsMax will make your service’s online reputation shine and bring you new and more loyal customers? Spend 90 seconds watching this video.

For a deeper look, visit the “How It Works” section to quickly understand how our unique set of tools and account service will work for your event or activity.

How It Works

How do you stack up?

Consumers are exposed to your service’s online reviews pretty much everywhere – in search results, in popular review sites, mobile apps, and in social media. The Internet makes it easy for them to compare you to your competition. RatingsMax provides the solution to manage and improve your ratings, and even monitor your competitors.

See How Your Business Is Doing

Encourage positive reviews on the sites most important to your business:

Some Words From Our Clients

When someone searches for a Greek restaurant in our area we are the obvious choice above our competition because our ratings shine. Thanks RatingsMax!
Nickey Pappas, Ouzo Cafe, Milwaukee, WI
We’ve been working with RatingsMax for about six months now. We’ve not only gotten important customer feedback, our ratings volume and quality have increased significantly which has, in turn, led to more business through the door.
Nick Anton, La Perla Restaurant Group