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RatingsMax puts you in front of your customers and prospects and helps your business grow.

Some statistics about online reviews:

Star rating is the #1 way consumers judge a business

92% of consumers are influenced by online reviews

88% of consumers indicate that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations

The quantity of reviews counts too: 85% of consumers read 10 or more

The majority of consumers say a review must be recent (within a month) to be relevant.

Reviews are getting integrated into everything – apps, search results, maps, directories, and more

Who leaves online reviews?

The goal of RatingsMax is to have your online reputation match the passion and hard work that you put into it.   We target the 95% of people who had a great experience but did not leave a review.  We simplify the review process to gain valuable feedback from your actual customers.  Call us today and learn more.

Better online reputation and search rank.

Online reviews and social content play important roles in search rankings – Google includes them directly in their search results where you are compared side by side with competitors.


The importance of online reviews

Online customer reviews are an important part of your business’s reputation and they have a crucial relationship to how well you rank in search engines and in social media.

The review, social and search relationship

There is a crucial relationship between online reviews, social media and search results. Google, the search giant, is putting more and more weight on reviews when deciding which businesses to show first in search results. It even includes their own Google+ reviews right in search results so that your business is always compared right next to your competitors, whether on desktop, mobile, or even map searches.

In local searches, Google features only three top results ranks them based on a number of factors. Two of those factors are online reviews (both quantity and quality) and social media activity.

RatingsMax takes a holistic approach to improving your rank in both review sites and search engines. More and better reviews are created. Those reviews are shared to social media creating greater brand awareness, social media activity, and click-throughs to your website – which in turn creates higher search rankings.

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